Aqua Treatments in nature

BabyMuch good opportunity to move barefoot, specifically in the right. The remarkable capacity of hardening has walking barefoot in a dew. However much however potential let a baby move on a water in the river, a lake, a pond. No claim to specifically sunbathing, it is correct to undress a child, and let it move, then gets into the shadow, so the sun. On a river do not do it right to bathe. Children love to play in a sand near a aqua, you go into a aqua, stand in it. Let them be willing to bathe themselves. Then they are not afraid of the h2o and enjoy swimming.Babies can pour on the street. Good right to put a bath of coldness h2o (preferably from a well) in a sun, so in a afternoon, before dinner, let your baby splash around in it, then throw them in cold h2o, wrapped in swaddling clothes, and take away a house. For beautiful infants suffering with rickets, correctly done sandbox and position it however that it was early in the right in a sun, and later, when the newborn will come out on the street, was in the shade. A newborn is very helpful to sit and play on a soft sand in the shade. Sleep well in a summer in the garden all a some babies, but not in direct sunlight and in a lacy shade of trees.Similar posts:Mothers. Food allergies in infantsNewbornCare of a child. Dining nursing mothersNewbornBaby. Vitamins for infantsNewborn

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