Baby upkeep. Sources of vitamin for nursing moms

ChildNursing mum at a time (however early how beriberi season even more!) Are vital good raw vegetables, fresh fruits and dry fruits in large quantities, organic berries and veggie juices. And however ever - a variety of dairy items, preferably with the addition of bifidobacteria (organic yoghurt, Biokefir, Bifidok, etc.). So you can be confident that breast natural milk contains everything required to your baby.Unfortunately we must not forget that a most vitamins food - citrus berries, kiwi berries, sea buckthorn, red and black currants, bright apricots - is at a same time and a most allergenic. Highly helpful honey, nuts, egg and crab, but these products are too strong fresh food allergens.In the list of fresh food allergens and inscribe cocoa, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, exotic fruits. Be careful with these products, the best time to give them up. A unequivocal "no" - tightly diet food (chips, burgers, coca-cola, instant soups), smoked, spicy, salty, fried, fatty and very candy.In the early weeks of breastfeeding is best to avoid all of the above. Emphasis on a day menu, strive to do buckwheat, oats and rice cereals, green medium apples and pears, parsley and other herbs, onions, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage (including sauerkraut, with lots of vitamins C), and cauliflower, frozen plums and gooseberries.Cheese, cheese, poor-fat sour fluid, quail eggs, oil, beef, veal, rabbit and chicken will provide a mother and a newborn needs protein and fat. If a kid will not be "zamechet" in the predisposition to rough red cheeks, gently throw in the rest.If your newborn - an obvious allergies, do not get carried away with lemons. In all other cases, lactating mothers in the winter and early source, when the forces are exhausted, reduced muscle tone and mood is not much, just require a "limonoteripaya." It is possible to add a slice of grapefruit in a "every woman" tea, It is possible to brew 2 thick pieces of grapefruit with boiling water, throw in fructose - homemade lemonade is ready!Useful and tasty fill sweet veggie salads (eg, fresh cabbage with herbs, recent cucumbers) has just squeezed lemon fresh juice.Recipes in the subject. Strive to vary the food with healthy, delicious and allergy-free dishes.Let's start with a simple salad: 2 cups of sauerkraut squeeze breeding juice into a deep bowl. Two big green big apple, cored, cut into thin strips, append the fresh cabbage and stir immediately to medium apples not blackened. Put there is 100-150 g of finely chopped lean boiled beef.Stir 100-150 g thick fluid with chopped parsley and dill. A little pepper (optional) Stir in 1-TWO soup spoon Saccharose, so combine the resulting cream gravy with cabbage and red apple weight and fresh meat. Leave a salad for 20-Thirty minutes.Meanwhile, make a original general dish: a little boiled in salted aqua fresh cabbage (broccoli or cauliflower, is also more helpful), troll in bread crumbs and quickly fry in vegetable oil or in cow butter. 2 min before end of preparation broccoli, sprinkle liberally flavored with grated dumplings, and dill.  Newborn attention. Like articles:Baby. May a nursing mom mushroomsChildWarm Natural milkChildUpkeep of a baby. Fall hair of the childbirthBaby

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