3 versions of hardening children

BabyA first version of hardening. We bathe the child with ordinary human aging body temperature - 36.6 degrees. He is lovely and well, he relaxes, feels great. At this time, we are preparing the first dousing him in a jar or other container to ten degrees cooler, ie Approximately 26 - degree h2o. A baby is taken out of a bath, keep it in the palm back up and hosed him heel 1st so pour cool h2o of a spine to a head. So, without wiping, have wet and wrap themselves in a simple and flannelette diapers. Following 10-Fifteen minutes, begin to wear it. Every three times, reduce a temperature of the perfusion of one degree and reach the temperature of the water at a tap. This procedure is normally well tolerated by babies. In the beginning of the surprises they can scream, but later warming up in diapers speedily calm, right suck and calm sleep.A second version of hardening kids. Upon a toddler restroom (several minutes per day) with soft aqua to wash a buttocks and legs. In this case, strive to keep a feet get warm. Then speedily hosing them with cold-blooded water from the tap. Then, in a same way without wiping, wrap the child in a warm diaper.Leaving of a child. Like articles:Mothers. Baby growth at 11 weeksBabyMaintenance of a child. GipolaktatsiyaChildNewborn attention. Vitamins for infantsChild

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