Moms. Saccharose and its variants

BabyGenerally sugar - is a basic name of lower molecular weightiness carbohydrates - mono-and oligosaccharides. To monosaccharides incorporate glucose and fructose, oligosaccharides to (disaccharides) - sucrose, maltose and lactose.Most often sugars include sucrose, lactose, and consisting of fructose, but in foods (particularly children) and may involve other sugars cane or beet saccharose, grape cane sugar, levulose, or fructose, dextrose (glucose), maltose (polymer glucose), and a syrup and its various types, concentrated extract, natural honey, lactose (natural milk sugar).The most harmless sugar is lactose. She does not possess any harmful effect on teeth and is easily digestible. Safe and use natural types of sugar. Contained in a tissue of fresh fruits and vegetables.On the forever requirement of sweet for a lot of years doctors argue. So. It is estimated that a permanent intake of saccharose for babies is:1-1.5 years - 40 grams1.5-6 years - 60 grams7-10 years - 70 g11-13 years - 85 grams,14-17 years - 100 gBut today, this view is contested, and scientists keep come to believe that a newborn under 3 years of age are not on the fresh food to enter a saccharose as meal forever to apply yet contains sugar (strawberries, nectar, vegetables, cereals, pastries, bread) and so a treat a kid may serve raisins, desiccated berries, honey.Healthy and tasty snack for the kidFreshly squeezed breeding juice;Sliced apples or pears;Apples baked in the oven and smeared with natural honey;Apples, mixed with yoghurt;Peanut cow butter;Yogurt;Rice biscuits;Fresh meat (liver) pate;Crackers;Berries and fruits;Dried fruits and nuts, but this child of cookies does not enjoy limitations.  Baby care. Resembling posts:Child care. Hardening of infantsNewbornMoms. MastitisChildTeething in kidsBaby

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