Hardening of babies can start at birth

BabyHardening may be started in the 1-st hours of the birth. It is alone indispensable to first show the newborn a medic. If a newborn is healthy and the physician does not find it any signs of damage to a nervous system if he sucks good and constantly gaining gravity, then quietly start hardening.... So, newborn. If the delivery was ordinary and the newborn is healthy, if the first 4-5 days of lost gravity is not more than 200 grams, and if in the next few hours is a weightiness gain, it is along on the 6-7th time, of the examination by a physician, we can offer different hardening options.Moms. Alike Mothers.articles:Child. What kind of water to give a newbornNewbornNewborn. Poses for lactationBabyNewborn care. Vitamin for childrenBaby

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