Run through the snow

BabyIf a baby is used to douche feet with cold water, so in a winter It is possible to increase a capacity of tempering Run Games barefoot in the snow. Should run only in areas where a snow is clean out, with a snow must be a land, but not concrete and asphalt track. Of course, we should not stand in the snow on a balcony. As good to carry out this process? Baby should wear so that shoes easily remove and put on. It is consummate to put on, for example, track suit, wool socks and boots.As, you go out on a street. 1st a small run around - the baby heartwarming up. If a little flushed, It is possible to be sure that his feet are not cold. So you can pick up off his boots and have on a snow, 1st literally seconds. Then speedily wipe a feet of snow and any cloth shoes starting with a feet, which 1-st put a snow. Again, run around in boots. Duration of standing in the snow, at first highly short, then may increase.Newborn. Alike posts:Newborn. May a nursing mum mushroomsChildMothers. Dining nursing momChildChild attention. Massotherapy for babiesChild

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