Baby attention. Items to child 7 months

BabyGather together a any cups of different sizes and put them in a cardboard box. Bringing on line each cup to his mouth, repeat some familiar word (eg, a newborn's name). A kid will notice how different the sound of his name. Continue the game and try to say all kinds of sounds. A more a child will hear them, a more likely will be repeated.Fill a balloon with a small water and attach it to the string. Show a baby how a form of the ball, when you squeeze and rock it, and let the kid do the like. Very soon the toddler discovers that the ball bounces when I throw it, and swing if twirl. Do not leave your child alone. Keep in mind that if a baby will take the ball in his mouth, he may break and cause injury.When the kid is holding in both hand funs, ask them to take a third. At 1st he tried to grab her, not letting go of a ones that keeps. But following a while will realize that before taking one more item, you need to get your hand free. Hide a child's favorite toy or blanket under a cover anything as that its edge is visible. Kid grabs a part of the toy, which will see and will pull for her. In a end, he learns to pull off a blanket with funs.Give your newborn a wooden spoonful, and variant items that may be subjected to "bitiyu": rooms mold for the patty, a folded paper jack-towel, magazine. Show so bashing a spoonful on their surface. This session will love the kid, and he will feel the difference in the sound and sensations depending on the subject.  Care of a child. Resembling posts:Newborn maintenance. Jaundice in childrenNewbornMaintenance of a child. Dining pregnant. Fresh-feeding. Newborn Nutrition by Tymofeevoyi AMBabyLeaving of a baby. Vitamin for babiesNewborn

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