Care of a baby. Symptoms of teething in infants

BabySwollen, painful gums with a faint outline of the teeth suggest that the teeth will be free soon.Change a child's behavior - he has moody, fussy, restless sleep at night, sleep may be interrupted.Excessive salivation, accompanied by a cough. Children are not taken out of hand of his mouth.Loss of appetite, and in some cases, perhaps even a temporary suspension of the weight gain.Short-term rash on the cheeks, chin or warm. This irritation is caused by prolonged contact with the skin of saliva.In some cases a slight increase in temperature liquefied chair.When a temperature rises, and even more however in a presence of catarrhal symptoms (runny nose, cough), you want call the baby's medic to rule out viral or infectious causes of fever.  Child maintenance. Like posts:Care of a child. Can a nursing mother cornBabyCare of a baby. MastitisNewbornBaby. Massotherapy for childrenChild

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