So to start hardening child over a year?

NewbornWhat if a baby is along more than a year, and you yet enjoy not quenched it? Start hardening at a age. To do however is suitable, for example, a douche. First you put the newborn or, perfect, have with it himself under the hot water, warming up meticulously. If a baby askes hot aqua - let it be hot. Initially, heating a newborn feet, hands and back. In the first place - a back collar space. Then you talk to a kid, "Properly, let's you and I will become a rain." Hosed feet, hands and very quickly - the collar area with coldness water and - again under a hot shower. So again, short-term cold douche. And since at least three times. Always beginning the procedure with a warming, and finish by pouring coldness. If you have time, pick up up to seven contrasting changes of temperature. Following the procedure, do not very dry before putting on the baby, and muffle for a few min.Child maintenance. Resembling posts:Teething in kidsNewbornAttention of a newborn. ChickenpoxNewbornVitamins for infantsChild

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