Comparative Effectiveness of h2o and air

ChildHardening may be done in various ways, including by air or aqua treatments. Aqua has a strong capacity on a body than a air. Thus, a action of water with a temperature of some 26 degrees is equivalent to air with a temperature of some 5 degreesSimilar Baby.articles:Moms. Walk with your childBabyLactationChildMoms. Massotherapy infantChild. . Читать полностью -->

As to start hardening newborn complete the year?

NewbornWhat if a baby is yet more than a year, and you yet enjoy not quenched it? Start hardening at the age. To do how is suitable, for example, a douche. 1st you put a child or, complete, have with it himself under a soft aqua, warming up meticulously. If a baby askes hot aqua - let it be hot. Initially, warmth a child feet, hands and back. In a 1-st put - a back collar space. Читать полностью -->

Newborn service. Sources of vitamins for nursing moms

ChildNursing mom at any time (as early however beriberi season even more!) Are vital recent raw vegetables, fruits and dried fresh fruits in big quantities, organic melon and veg juices. And how always - a variety of dairy products, preferably with a addition of bifidobacteria (organic yoghurt, Biokefir, Bifidok, etc.). Then you can be confident that warm natural milk contains anything necessary to your baby.Unluckily we must not forget that a most vitamins meal - citrus melon, kiwi strawberries, sea buckthorn, red and black currants, bright apricots - is at the same time and the most allergenic. Very valuable honey, nuts, egg and crab, but these products are too strong meal allergens.In the list of meal allergens and inscribe cocoa, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, exotic fruits. Be careful with these items, best time to give them up. The unequivocal "no" - fast meal (chips, burgers, coca-cola, instant soups), smoked, spicy, salty, fried, fatty and highly sweet.In the early weeks of breastfeeding is best to avoid all of the above. Читать полностью -->

Hardening of infants can start at birthday

BabyHardening may be started in a 1st days of the birth. It is only necessary to 1-st show the newborn the doctor. If the newborn is healthy and a physician does not find it a signs of damage to the nervous system if he sucks helf and constantly gaining gravity, then quietly start hardening.... So, baby. If a delivery was ordinary and a newborn is healthy, if a first 4-5 days of lost weightiness is not more than 200 g, and if in a next any times is the mass gain, it is already on the 6-7th time, following examination by a medic, we may propose varied hardening options.Maintenance of a child. Alike Maintenance of a baby.articles:Baby attention. Читать полностью -->

Run through a snow

ChildIf a child is used to douche feet with coldness h2o, so in the winter you can increase a capacity of tempering Run Games barefoot in the snow. Should run alone in areas where the snow is clean, with the snow must be the land, but not concrete and asphalt track. Of course, we want not stand in a snow on a balcony. However best to carry out this process? Child should wear how that shoes easily remove and put on. It is complete to put on, for example, track suit, wool socks and boots.As, you go out on a street. First a some run around - a child heartwarming up. Читать полностью -->

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